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Kelsey has been nothing short of amazing.
My quality of life has greatly improve since my treatment at Look Inside Counseling.
It's really great to laugh again.

“When I think back over my entire life, and look at the top 15 best things that have happened to me to directly impact my happiness, this [coming to see Kelsey] easily is in that list.”

“Working with Kelsey was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. She made therapy fun.”

“I’m back to the old me. But even a better version of her. I cannot thank you enough for leading me back to myself.”

“I wish I could pay you the full $175 right now…to be honest, I think you’re worth way more than that.”

“Are you psychic? Seriously. Are you? You always know exactly what to say or how to guide me, most of the time it feels like you know stuff about me before I even tell you. You should look into being a psychic.”

“Thank you for being my life-line.”

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